Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week Eighteen ~What's in a Word~

I've been thinking a lot lately, and I'm reconsidering the name Retreat With Me.

Originally I saw this blog as a place to offer up ideas for little mini get-aways, anytime, anywhere. Suggestions for moments that would refuel the soul, calm the mind, and warm the heart. I have had a lot of fun sharing with you my many ideas, my retreats.

There's that word again--retreat.

As life goes on, I see retreat not as a sanctuary, or a time of reflection and repose, but as a falling back in defeat. If I am forever retreating, how do I grow my life? How do I embrace the magic, the wonder, the joy, if I am drawing myself away?


I need a new name for this blog. One that fuels me, one that glows with promise and pride. I claim my life for the thrill of living it! I will not fall back. I will not retreat. I will celebrate, embrace, and see wonder, magic and joy in all things.

What's in a word?


Rejoice with Me.


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