Friday, May 13, 2011

I Swear This Really Is A Retreat

When I started this blog, this particular idea came to mind, and I dismissed it.

This can't be a retreat.

But when dirt, grime, and clutter suck the life out of a room, make me crazy, and generally cranky, then getting rid of them and basking in the peaceful glow of cleanliness is a GIFT!!

Story Time:

About a year ago my husband and I pulled to outdated tiles off the ceiling in our bedroom to expose old farmhouse wainscoting. Charming! And filthy.

Weeks went by and I eventually took a mop, covered the bed with old sheets, and started cleaning the ceiling. Water dripped everywhere, my arms ached, my neck hurt, and I only got about a quarter of the ceiling done.

More weeks went by, then months. Then two days ago my husband asked me what one thing bugged me most about our house of many undone projects and messy corners. He thought I would take issue with the mudroom. I immediately mentioned the bedroom ceiling. So we simplified my system by ditching the mop and using a small bucket of hot Pine-sol water and a wash cloth. We brought the step ladder in and worked on one small section at a time. Just ten minutes. By the end of the week, the whole thing will be done.

Almost instant happiness!! :)

Retreat Time:

Pick a corner, a drawer, a grubby section of ceiling and clean it up for ten minutes. Then walk away. That's it. Survey what you've done and claim it as good. Let the feeling of accomplishment sink all the way down to your toes. You deserve it.

Squeaky clean,

p.s. Remember my last post? I have taken my own advice and I am embracing life as a writer. I have entered a contest courtesy of Jennifer Louden. It is a #WritersRetreat in Taos, NM and I encourage you all to check it out, and Jennifer's site. She is amazing. Here is the link
Many blessings to you all!!


  1. I didn't comment here at first because it wouldn't do to say that right now even the thought of 10mins on any task other than the usual daily grind saps the last energy from my limbs... which will pass... but I just realised that it was in poor taste not convey the joy I felt on reading that you have decided to embrace your life as a writer! Whoopee! Looking forward and ALL THE BEST! Annexx

  2. Thank you Anne!! I know "cleaning" seems a ridiculous way to spend a retreat, but trust me, if you lose yourself in a shiny countertop, your breathing slows, your muscles relax, all because you can see your own beautiful reflection--even if the rest of the house is a mess--that one spot holds joy!! Can you feel it?
    And thank you for the Whoopee!! I love it. :)
    Blessings, Kimberly

  3. ... and so I set off to find something to polish and it wasn't long before I allowed myself to notice how terribly neglected my mother's silverware looked displayed on the top shelf... yes I will polish that but not today; I am sick, my polishing arm hurts, my eyes sting. So I settled down in the sun on my favourite chair to warm up, with thoughts running as usual: stupid to clean that silverware when the rest of the house feels like a dump - even if the rest of the house is a mess, you said; opulent brooch, lose yourself, slow breathing, relaxing muscles... next thing I knew there I was in the cupboard looking for the Silvo. Why NOT have a row of opulent brooches to cheer me up!

    Alas the cupboard was bare... well not quite bare, but it is so long since the silverware has had some attention that the Silvo was dry:(
    Not all is lost though, the cupboard has been sorted and order restored:)
    And I will buy some more Silvo...