Monday, May 23, 2011

Saying Thank You...

I heard an interview once about a man who wrote a thank you note a day for a whole year. Then he wrote a book about the experience. Not surprisingly the year changed his life for the better.

I can't think of his name, or I would post a link here. If any of you know who I'm referring to, let me know.

Thank you notes, especially hand-written ones are a dying art form in my mind. Everything these days is over the Internet, or texted, or just not said.

For this retreat, let's turn writing a thank you into a calm ritual that brings extra love to the process. Here's my idea...

Retreat Time:

Take some time, put on some nice music, maybe make a good cup of coffee (or tea if that's your thing), choose a favorite pen, and worthy paper. Brainstorm a short list of people in your life for whom you are thankful. Add a few words next to each name reminding you of what they bring to your life.

Now pick one, and thank them.

Pop it in the mail.

Now here's the thing...I don't want you to stress out if you don't have their address, or you don't have a stamp, or any other reason why actually sending this note would cause you anxiety. If you can't mail it for whatever reason, take a few deep breaths, hold it to your heart, and "send" it that way. Just be sure and write it first. Putting pen to paper has an almost magical way of focusing our thoughts with sincerity. If you picture the person in your mind while smiling some love their way, they'll get it. They really will.

One more your thank yous here. Your words will enter the blogosphere, and even if your intended recipient doesn't read them, many others will.

Thank you to all of you who have read this blog, commented on its contents, and befriended me. I am touched, and lucky beyond imagining.

(((big smile)))

Love, Kimberly


  1. It's a funny thing, I LOVE fountain pens, but just a day or 2 ago it occurred to me that I no longer use my beloved pen, the latest one that hasn't been used to oblivion.
    I also used to make handmade paper... so with this blog in mind I set off to rummage in my paper drawer in the hope of finding a few sheets, which I did along with some other things I'd made that I'd quite forgotten about.
    I then found the ink, but spent a few very long and very anxious moments looking for my beloved pen which I did find exactly where I looked first, only it was in a pen case with another fountain pen I have no recollection of ever acquiring (I think it was my husband's that I begged off of him, eish!)
    I am going to wet-brush 'tear' my handmade pages into smaller bits and hand write a thank you note with my beloved fountain pen (I filled it and it works!!) every time I do so in bites over the ether. I will keep them and one day hand them out (or not), a little pile for a few deserved souls.
    Thank you again Kim for another happy hour!

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    I've been getting Lisa's copy of "Guideposts" here while they are in Kuwait. The May issue has an article by John Kralik, the author of "365 Thank Yous". Here's a link to the article: