Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The 7 Minute Forecast

Have you ever tried setting goals?

Writing them down,
breaking them down to manageable steps,
taking those steps on a regular basis
and ultimately achieving that goal???


Me too.

How'd that work for you? And how close to JOYVILLE were you when you failed to take the steps and instead beat yourself up for once again promising to do what you thought you SHOULD do and falling hopelessly short?

I'm guessing you, as I, were not basking in happiness and contentment.

It's January. The month for setting goals.

This morning I frittered away endless time on the Internet READING about setting and achieving goals. When I realized I was staring blankly as I scrolled, not absorbing anything, I got up. Grabbed my journal and started free writing while walking around the house. Here's what I wrote:

7 Minute Forecast

What's the weather looking like in the next seven minutes?
Clear to partly procrastinating into a dense fog of zero movement toward life goal.
What is life goal?
Too many to choose from.
Fluttering around my head like fireflies, buzzing, bugging, never landing.
Catch one in a jar!!
Write them out.
Throw them in the air.
Work on that goal for 7 minutes.

This is what I did. I sat down in the middle of my kitchen and wrote out seven goals on journal paper with three simple actions for each one. Then I tore them out, crumpled them up, threw them into the air, and caught one.


I wrote out my financial goals for seven individual things on seven envelopes, then put a dime in each one. I was in the middle of making a commitment to add a bit of money every day toward these treats and dreams when my phone rang.

It was my boss.

A new opportunity had shown up at work and she wanted me to be a part of it. It could prove to be lucrative.

After the call, I tucked my magical manifesting paper fireflies into a beautiful bag for tomorrow's forecast. I see bright skies ahead!

Give it a try. You never know what could happen. I'd love to hear how it turns out for you

Oh happy day to all,

♥ K.

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