Monday, March 5, 2012

Be the Person You Want to Be...

About 15 years ago I discovered motivational self-help books.

I covered my bathroom wall in affirmations, positive intention-filled flow charts, dream wheels, self esteem boosting mantras.


After much analyzing, brainstorming, and fussing over the perfect phrase to launch my life in a successful direction once and for all, a thought came to me:

I am here to inspire the world to see wonder, magic, and joy in all things.

This was my purpose plain and simple. This was my reason for being.

Fifteen years later I have a new phrase at the helm. This one came to me out of a need to stop wishing for a distant life and claim the one in my lap.

Here it is:

Be the girl you want to be
all the time
with no regrets.

Just this past weekend I was at my daughter's volleyball tournament. She's been playing for years, and I have witnessed, and been party to, gossip and back stabbing, negativity and ugliness. I've also cheered with the best of them, laughed and cried and celebrated.

With my new mission statement in mind, I approached this day with the attitude I wanted to have. All the time. With no regrets.

I had a great day!

I feel good about the conversations I had. I am intensely proud of my girl and how hard she plays. I am inspired by the leader she has become, and by her nonstop positive attitude.

I can do this.

And the best part is...being who I want to be all the time with no regrets is a direct bee line to JOY.

Falsehood and regrets lead to pain, disconnect, and loss.

I'll take JOY!!

Has a personal mission statement or mantra changed your life? I'd love to hear.

Blessings and brightness to all,
♥ K.

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