Friday, March 30, 2012

Crazy Praise--Part One

I have hit bottom countless times when it comes to my weight, body image, ability to fit in jeans that are frustratingly two sizes too small.

The nerve of denim.

Yet another descent occured at work the other day. I work in a beautiful boutique with lots of pretty things, and guilded mirrors.

Somehow every time I turned around there was a reflection screaming...

"Have you seen the size of your #*!@X lately?  What the &*(#@!!"

No lie.

I went home pouting. Something had to change.


I pulled out my journal and starting writing without stopping, until I had come up with something new and awesome and mind blowing to bust me through the funk and decidely NOT JOYFUL images from the day.

Here's what I came up with:

Crazy Praise

Spend five minutes each day speaking the truth about how wonderful and amazing your body is. This is out loud people. Everything said must be a rave, and I know you can come up with five minutes of compliments. Your body has housed you, and moved you through your own unique life, and she deserves some credit.

This post is Part One, because I have been attending my own Crazy Praise sessions for three days, and I'm going to check back in after two weeks. Join me if you'd like. I'd love to know if this helps other people too.

In three days I'm already feeling better, about so many things. I'm worth spending time on. I joined Weight Watchers with friends, I'm running again, and the next time I see myself in a mirror, I'm going to say...

"Damn girl, you look good!"

This is going to work,


  1. This is so true. Time to acknowledge the good parts, small maybe, delicate even, but beautiful! Don't know about out loud, but FIVE minutes, that's do-able. See you in 2 weeks Kimberly:)

  2. Out loud does feel weird--I'm not going to lie. But that's what came out of my free writing session, so I'm finding time alone in my car, or out on my walks. It feels strange, but REALLY affirming to say these things out loud. Very powerful. Trust me, and try it. :)

    Two weeks. You got it.

  3. Kimberly, I like your spunk! Your post was delightfully forceful and I know without a doubt that you will be down to the size you want, in no time . . . but if it takes a while that will be okay too . . . because, each day is a new day to like yourself even more. I join Weight Watches a year ago last Feburary and it has taken we that long to lose 55 pounds. It has not been like those people on the Biggest Looser, but then I'm not exercising 10 hours a day . . . get real. What I like about the lenght of time that it has taken me, is that in this time I have learned so much about cooking differently, snacking differently, shopping differently and feeling good about who I am.
    I'm your newest follower and I'm one of your loudest cheerleaders . . . YOU GO GIRL !!!
    Come visit my blog and hopefully you'll decide to follow me too. Connie :)

    1. Hello Connie!!
      I'm so glad you said hi. And what an inspiration you are to me, and CHEERLEADER! Thank you. I need it. I am taking it slow. I'm going easy on myself with this whole weight loss thing. Otherwise my wild side will bolt and head for a pound cake. I will definately check out your blog too. Again, thank you so much for stopping by.

      ♥ K.