Friday, April 6, 2012

Scents Connect

Of the five physical senses,
the sense of smell evokes time, place, and person
faster and more effectively than any other.

Why not consciously surround yourself with uplifting aromas, delicious time traveling scents, and wafts of giggle inducing whimsy?

I see an Acupuncturist named Emily, and she's a master at what she does. I went to her as an almost last ditch effort last October to treat my depression and I've been seeing her ever since with great results.

She practises her craft out of an old house perched along one of Duluth's many ascending, pothole-filled avenues. It's one of those homes with tons of history and character. Just ask it.

There is a small bathroom near the room where she meets clients, and in it is Soothing Orange Blossom Honey soap from The South of France. (Actually it's from Greensboro, NC)
Emily's hands carry this sweet and soothing scent when she works on me. I have connected it to feeling safe and cared for, and just yesterday I found it on the shelf of my local whole foods co-op and brought it home. I'm assembling an entourage of support with inanimate objects. Alongside the amazing, loving people in my life.

It also looks beautiful on my window sill.

There are other scents in my life that take me back to times of sadness. English Leather cologne is one of them. I torture myself if I seek out that aroma.
Instant tears.

Why do this to myself?

 If you,
  like me,
work to bring more happiness into your life,
then make decisions that support that aim,
not sabotage it.

Everywhere in small ways we can grab slivers of joy from the simplest places. Like soap.

Off to wash my hands,

♥ K.


  1. Oh I LOVE it once again thank you Kimberly - now why haven't I thought of this before! And it does indeed look beautiful on your interesting window sill with a peek outside:)

    1. Thanks Anne! I'm so happy to have found this soap, you have no idea. :) It reminds me of ALL GOOD THINGS. Oh, and you can just barely see a bit of the barn in this shot. Not a bad view while doing dishes.

      ♥ K.

    2. Not half shabby that view, Kimberly!

      Just have to tell you that I bought a top the other day - now usually it takes hours to decide, this one that one which one oh gee none - but this time I walked straight up to one displayed, remembered your post and bought it... why... it reminds me of an item of clothing I had as a tiny child that for some reason fills me with joy to this day! I love it!! xx

    3. That's exactly how it's done Anne! I LOVE your story. Filling our lives with things that makes us happy is so simple. I love to think of you smiling every time you wear that shirt. :)

      ♥ K.