Friday, March 23, 2012


     When I am down, ever present is the yearning to reach out, connect, feel a respite from loneliness and isolation.

     Depression is a selfish disease. It demands I give all of myself to its dark gloom.

     At its worst, the weight of it makes breathing a chore.

     I don't write much about depression here, because...


 and I choose JOY.

     But every once in awhile, it's necessary to name the unwanted guest beneath my feet. JOY is a guest who always has a place at my table.

     JOY shows up in a million places and can pierce the densest woe. Always connection sows JOY as depression feeds on loneliness.

Today's dose of JOY:
A friend I haven't seen in years came to the store where I work today. We hugged, started chatting, and it was as if not a day had past. Bless you Cherrie for stopping by. Then as we're talking, Cherrie gave me a gift. She told me how much she enjoys my blog. She told me to keep writing, that it helps her. My friend Anne from South Africa told me the same thing last year, and it's the reason I got back to blogging after quitting. It's why I renamed this blog and have kept at it ever since.

What a priceless gift is a friend's praise!!!

Thank you both for showing me that I AM connecting, I AM NOT alone, and I AM helping people. It is what I most want to do.

It is the key to everything.

Face to face is best. But what if no one's around?

Too far down to leave the house?

No energy for a phone call?

Write a letter.

Talk to any friend, past or present, as if they are right there with you. You WILL feel better.

I caution you to avoid scrolling mindlessly through facebook. I've discovered that unless I am following a specific conversation, or perusing local events, the site only magnifies isolation.

Pen and paper are better.

There is one more option...

You can write to me!
Drop me a line in comments below. I couldn't be more honored to take your hand.

JOY through connection is just a click away.


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  1. I've discovered the importance of joy too. Blogging is great for meeting new people. I have readers all over the world yet blogging allows us to bond.