Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perfect Imperfection

After I mowed the lawn the other day I noticed that I'd missed a spot. This little strip of clover had been spared. This one flower defiantly rising above the rest.

It got me thinking.

I am surrounded by imperfection. We all are. Yet we stress and obsess over making things right, getting all the details right. How do we know when we've achieved our goals? How do we know when everything is perfect enough? Is it ever??? We're chasing a moving target. A perfectly elusive target.

My son is reading a science book about quantum physics. He's 14, and it's summer vacation. I'm a very proud Mom. He was reading to me about how in quantum theory a single atom's actions can dictate the unfolding events of our lives. Every day we are bombarded by a billion trillion atoms and their whims. Our lives hum along to the rhythm of these minute and invisible forces. Perfectly. We see it as imperfection. We see the "missed spot". We see the dust, the stack of bills, the kitchen sink, the bad hair day. And we judge it and ourselves as not up to par.

Enough of this.

This week, I am challenging you to see perfections. Here's how.

Retreat Time:

Throughout your day, whenever your eyes fall to something that awakens the critical voice, let it say, "Imperfection." Breathe it in.

Then change it to "I'm perfection." Because you are.

And whether you're speaking for yourself or the dust, or the sink, or the standing clover, it is just as true.

The simple reframing of a phrase can change everything. It can move us from the weight of negativity to joyful surprise. From judgement to open hearted wonder.

Join me?

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  1. I am joining you! I have been working hard at trying to accept imperfection too, BUT... it has never occurred to me to change it to PERFECTION right there as I glance at it critically. Thank you PROUD MOM! :)