Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Giggles

My sister Lisa and brother Dane and I all wanted to sit on Grandma's lap at the same time. This was a game we loved to play. I think my Mom took this picture. I was about four years old. It sits next to my computer and I see it every day. I see my Grandma's laughing smile, my brother struggling to hold on, and pure joy on my own face.

I can remember that joy.

I can look at this picture, even on dark days, and know that in that moment EVERYTHING was perfect and free and surrounded with love.

Find a picture of yourself as a child when everything fell into place, when you were perfectly happy. Really look into your own eyes and know, that that moment can be ANY moment. The joy you felt then still exists in you today, even if only in a memory. Call it back. Feel it again.

My Grandma's love is that big. I'll bet you've got someone or something in your past who can travel through time and give you a jolt of joy.

Give it a try.

Saa Da,
♥ K.

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