Friday, February 17, 2012

The Wisdom of TUT

Notes from the Universe

For some time now I have been receiving emails from a brilliant website.

The man at the helm is Mike Dooley. He's written books, gone on international speaking tours, and manifested the life of his wildest dreams.

One of the free gifts from his site is found here

Please check it out. You can easily sign up and get these "notes from the universe" in your inbox. They're so GREAT!!

The one I want to share with you is this:
There is perhaps no more empowering belief, Kimberly , than understanding you're always in control of how you feel.

Similarly, understanding that just because you're not always skipping through tulips with joy doesn't mean that something's wrong with you.

You rock,
    The Universe

I've read and reread this and every time I smile. There is nothing wrong with me if I feel sad, or discouraged, or mopey, or reluctant to skip through tulips. And since I'm in control of how I feel, the ability to change it up if I want to is completely up do ME!

Love it.

Check out TUT. The universe loves you in many wild and wondrous ways.
♥ K.

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