Sunday, February 5, 2012

Compare and Contrast

Our family has a small cabin deep in the woods in northern Minnesota. We spent the weekend there, just the four of us, to take our snowmobiles out across the lakes and down the trails.
It was a balmy 32 degrees with bright sun and gentle breezes.
A wonderful time with my family.
Our cabin is 16x32, powered by solar and propane, with no running water, four rooms, and an outhouse.
It’s comfortable for us, and we’re used to the rustic nature of the place.
What always gets me is what I notice when I come home. We live on a small hobby farm in northern Wisconsin. Our house is of unknown age and sits alongside a big red barn on 20 acres. We have a few chickens, and a goat.
I have one bathroom, no family room with a giant T.V., no master bedroom with walk-in closets, no new and impressive furniture. The house is old, with tilting floors in surprising places, drafty windows, and a spider filled basement that used to be a root cellar.
I confess I have spent a lot of time wishing I lived somewhere else; in a larger, newer, prettier house.
Yet I come home today from our humble cabin, and I walk from room to room on carpeted floors. I get a glass of water from the faucet in the kitchen. I use the bathroom. Sunlight streams across the fields through old rippled panes. I am so grateful to have this home. I am blessed by the luxury of it all.
If I don’t see JOY, it means I’m looking in the wrong place. Within my own life JOY wins when I see the abundance that is uniquely mine. That is key. It’s easy to look outside ourselves and see the good stuff we want that other people have. It’s a different thing to look at OUR OWN LIVES and see the great stuff that is already at the door!
Where in your life can you find something that beams JOY in a way that speaks to you?
What already exists in your life that sings abundance?
Make it personal.
That’s where it counts.
The "green grass" is growing in your own back yard, you just have to appreciate the shade.
                   Love to all,
                                                                                                    ♥ K.


  1. Our bathroom is falling to pieces (long story) and I hate it... but only when I allow my thoughts to drift to the neighbours' homes, not good. I too have water, hot and cold, on tap, and can luxuriate in a long bath... abundance that is uniquely mine:)
    And then there is our view; the birds at eye-level, thunder clouds rolling in, the sun setting, the rain, the mist... I LOVE IT!!
    Thank you Kimberly!

    1. Exactly Anne! That's what I'm talking about. :)
      ♥ K.