Monday, February 21, 2011

Pursuit of Creativity Challenge ~Day One~

I admit, I didn't start this project today. She's been with me for some time. I tuck these little squares in my purse, or pocket. I have them with me when I'm waiting for practise to be done, for the coffee to brew, for sleep to descend. Stitching relaxes me. I feel my Great Grandmother guiding my needle and thread. She made everything her five children needed with her own two hands.

I call my creation Guru Girl. She reminds me of the genuine whimsy in my life and I've made seven of these squares just to bring in a little more joy.

She never disappoints.

In hot pursuit,


  1. woohoo!! Go Kim!! Love the needlework:) You are officiall a technical goddess now!

  2. Oh I love that Kim! Long long ago when my daughter was not yet at school, I used to transfer her drawings to cloth and just like yours, I would stitch them with the few creative stitches I knew...

  3. Thank you Joy Junket for the props!! And Anne, I'm so glad you like what I did and have fond memories from it. I love to stitch. :)