Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Two ~Time With Friends~

Getting dressed today I fixed my hair extra special, took time with my make-up, chose an outfit that always makes me feel cute and comfortable, and splurged by adorning my neck with three necklaces from the bottom of my jewelry box.

The first is a ring on a chain. The ring came from an old boyfriend, who was an influential force in my life many years ago. He gave me the gift of forgiveness, opening my life to new possibilities. I owe him everything.

The second is a small medallion that represents my time in local theatre. Wearing it reminds me of the amazing, crazy, vibrant friends who stoke the creative fire. Thanks for all the "broken" legs. :)

The third is a silver star, painted charcoal grey. On it, is the word--FRIENDS. I wore it as part of a Madonna costume when I ran a 5K on Halloween in 2009. I ran with my son, my daughter and Mom cheered me on, my husband congratulated me on the phone. The friendships I am surrounded by from my dear family surpass all.

I am blessed with a heart that is full from the love I've shared with people throughout my life.

Today, every time I want to retreat, I'm going to touch my necklaces, and remember times spent, connections made, and friendships celebrated.

Here's to friendship!

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