Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pursuit of Creativity Challenge ~Day Three~

35 mile an hour winds out of the north east busily created this icescape along the western tip of Lake Superior near where I live. While there I saw people climbing over these massive piles into valleys of frozen lake.

 That's the power of creativity.

Where has your challenge taken you?

Adieu from the chilly north,


  1. WOW that is so far removed from my experience that it is almost unbelievable... and beautiful!

    The other day on our beach the wind was blowing the fine white grains of sand on the dunes into the most exquisite patterns and ripples - I so wished I had my camera with me that day!

  2. I can imagine those patterns. The beach at Park Point, where this picture was taken, isn't fine white sand, but the wind can really kick up at times, and the designs she makes...every day is new.