Monday, February 14, 2011

Week Ten ~Time With Friends~

I've had many friends throughout my life. Some have been with me during times of great sorrow, others have been near during my happiest moments. Every one of them has played their part.

This week, I want us to retreat with friends.

Try to plan at least one simple get together with a good friend. Grab a coffee, meet for lunch, plan a dinner or a night out. Talk about your commitment to retreat, and how this is a special time for you to nurture yourself by connecting with the people who mean the most. Really focus on the time you have and the friendship you share. See if you can't learn something new and wonderful about this person who already gives you so much.

If you're unable to physically be with a close companion, take out a notebook, a really good pen, and write for at least ten minutes about someone who has impacted your life through friendship. Take a walk back in time to a year when a best friend made all the difference. Share what you can with me in this blog.

And I will do the same.

The coffee pot is always on,

p.s. Check out the link below to read a guest post of mine on the fabulous website that is Joy Junket. It deals with friendship. Enjoy!

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