Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Three ~Strong Foundations~

Here's a little inspiration for the produce section courtesy of Linda R. O'Connell.

Succulent, sensual, seeds. Yumm.


By Linda R. O’Connell
Copyright © 2009

leather skinned globe
jewels in your crown.
You captivate me
with the fullness of
your form,
your regal beauty
and taste treasure.
Pleasure me,
fruit of temptation,
bleeding juice of
fertility and bounty.
You are not fit for mere mortals,
for it was you
luring Adam
in the garden that day.
Journey me,
lead me away from
the wines
of vineyards.
Surround me in
your scarlet flesh
and seduce me,
as I grab you
and caress!
Coax me on towards
your crimson kernels,
of pearls
that tire me
to death.
Oh pomegranate,
take me.

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