Monday, February 21, 2011

Week Eleven ~The Pursuit of Creativity Challenge~

I have never been much of a photographer.

Whenever I'm at memorable family events, you will not find me behind a lens. I'm too busy laughing, talking, eating, or finding time to myself to be clicking pictures.

Couple that with my beginner's knowledge of all things "computer" and I'm not one to download, or post, or attach photos either. I know visuals are a good thing, and in the spirit of grand adventure which is this life, I'm going to go for it this week.

Retreat Time:

This week, I want you to take a creative retreat every day, snap a photo of it, and share it here if you can. I will do the same.

Creativity is the pulse of life within us all. We create the "us" the world sees from the moment we get out of bed. We choose to wear our hair a certain way, don a favorite outfit, pick a cup for our coffee. These things may happen naturally, but if we take a moment of intended creativity, our brains will buzz with thanks. We'll be outside the proverbial box.

Some ideas...
  • Water color paints are so much fun to play with because they blend and mix together and make new colors and shapes on their own. If you have some in your cupboard, pull them out and paint. When your creation dries, cut a piece out of it to slip into your wallet or purse. Remind yourself all week of that creative moment.
  • Sing on your way to work. Go for it! Really set your voice free. Imagine your on stage in front of millions wearing a fabulous costume and bringing down the house. Take full deep belly breaths to support your belting. You'll feel great.
  • Free write for ten minutes about times in your life when you felt the most creative. Tell a story. Or just repeat the phrase "seventh grade science project" if that's all you can think of. No worries. We have all had times of creativity we can relive and who knows, those memories may spark ways we can improve our lives now through long lost passions.
These are just a few ideas to consider. As I said, I will be posting an image a day to show you my own creative pursuits this week. Look for the first one tonight. Wish me luck!

Say cheese!


  1. I created a new recipe tonight (too lazy to follow instructions, so i read the ingredients then did it my way): pork chops, fried onions, delicious red figs off our tree, wine, soya sauce and mustard... i would have taken a photo if i had found this blog before finishing off every last morsel... next time:)

  2. Oh Anne! You are excused from the photo, because now I'm drooling. :) Your dish sounds wonderful. I've never thought of figs and pork--yummm. Feel free to share your creative adventures in any form you choose.