Monday, January 31, 2011

Strong Foundations ~Week Eight~

As promised, we're going to continue working with the base chakra this week. After last week's meditation retreat, I hope you are all feeling grounded, nourished, and strong.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, and it cares for basic human needs. It is concerned with survival. This is where the energy of good food, undisturbed sleep, shelter, health, and financial security lie. If these basic needs aren't met, it is difficult to move up the rainbow, so to speak, and experience the full energy spectrum.

Let's take care of those basic essential needs.

Take a trip to the grocery store. Before you even leave your car, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and set the intention that the perfect nourishment for your body, for this moment, resides within that building. Believe in your soul that you are going to find exactly what your body needs.

I like to look for naturally red foods, since I love coordinating along a theme. We're working on the first chakra, and it's color is get the idea. Besides, this will usually rule out things like glazed donuts and ice cream, which have their purpose, but are not the healthiest choices. For this retreat, lets treat our bodies with goodness that goes beyond sugar cravings. 

Pomegranates, strawberries, red bell peppers, raspberries, cherries, apples.

Put only foods that are red in your cart or basket, thinking all the while about your foundation. Remember how envisioning puddles of light with each step can ground you. And no one in the produce section needs to know what you're doing! :) Buy yourself some red roses too. Why not. When was the last time you treated yourself? 

Let me know what fun red foods you try. We could even share recipes!

*A simple way to enjoy berries any time of year is to buy frozen fruit. Defrost them in the microwave, or on the kitchen counter, and serve them over yogurt with a sprinkling of slivered almonds. Divine!

Try to eat something red every day, and when you are done, close your eyes, think of your strong foundation and quietly hum, "Mmmm good."

Good for you,

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  1. I think I am going to take that idea a step further Kimberly. A tomato plant came up in my garden on its own (probably in the compost I spread) and I’ve been meaning to plant some more in a couple of pots standing forlornly empty, so here is the motivation. There is nothing like a fresh tomato every day, straight off the bush with plenty left over to freeze (I pop them whole into the freezer, perfect for cooking). So off to the store before the summer sun recedes.
    I harvested a few bright red chilli peppers today too and I did not even know it was going to be a red food day!
    Thank you for the inspiration and happy healthy warm red shopping!