Monday, January 24, 2011

Week Seven ~The Base of it All~

For anyone familiar with the seven chakras of the human energy system, you know they correspond to the colors of the rainbow, and the base, or first chakra, is represented by the color red. It is located at the base of the spine.

If you have been practising Rainbow Ritual you begin by connecting with the first chakra and remembering your connection to the earth. Check out,  if you're not familiar with this meditation

There have been oodles of books written about the human energy system and the seven chakras. A simple online search will give you more than enough to think about. To simplify things here, just read on for this week's retreat, and know that you can't make mistakes. You only need to honor yourself with time, and open your heart to what it can teach you. Let's begin.

Find at least fifteen minutes in your day for this. Although I strive to offer retreats that can be done anywhere, anytime, this one is best accomplished in a private quiet space where you can fully take in the nurturing effects.

If you have a red blanket or mat to sit on--perfect. Take a seat, cross your legs, or not, relax, breathe deeply, and imagine a glowing red light at the base of your spine. Breathe in through your nose, and out your mouth. Each time you exhale, visually blow your breath onto that light, as though you are stoking the embers of a fire. "See" it in your mind grow brighter and stronger.

Now imagine this red light spreading out onto the floor of your room, let it sink through to the foundations of the building you are in. Watch it fill the earth beneath you, the land around you, your street, city, state, country, continent. See it fill the globe, with you gently perched on top. Smile, and breathe, and know that you are supported in your life by the most solid force imaginable. Your foundation is strong. Stay with this for awhile.

When you are ready, open your eyes, keeping the image of the glowing globe in your mind, take the heels of your hands, starting at your hips, and rub down your legs all the way to your feet if you can. Take some time on your legs, your knees, calves, ankles. Then rub your feet and your toes. Smile as you do this. Love yourself and your body, and the strength holds against the powerful gravity of the earth. Your feet, knees, and legs are your foundation. They will benefit from being bathed in the solid force of your base chakra.

As you move through your day, remember the nourishing light of chakra #1. It is beneath you always with every step. Lean into its ability to ground you.

We will continue working with the base chakra next week. I have more to share about this work that I think you'll enjoy. Have a wonderful seven days everyone!!

Lovingly offered,


  1. My calves, feet and ankles are struggling to be my foundation of late; I think this is exactly what they need! Thank you, Kimberly.

  2. I'm here for you Anne! I have trouble with my hips and knees, so they too are going to benefit from some extra attention this week. We can keep each other posted. :)

  3. Well now what a good start to this week! I don't have a red cushion but I do have a patch of early morning sun that falls nicely on my lower back; I was, however, having difficulty with visualizing a red light that felt right until I realised that it does not have to be man-made, it could be sun-made as in the light bathing the earth on a particularly good sunset day, the sun red on our African skyline. And so my red light glows at the base of my spine like that glowing sun (sunrise even better) and spreads into my earth and our world with me sitting on top, a smile on my face - I nearly forgot the smile, but I did remember in time to smooth those furrows on my brow:)
    I have to tell you, my aching legs really enjoyed the pampering after:))
    Thank you again!

  4. I LOVE your glowing sunrise red! That's perfect. I can see you sitting in a patch of South African sun! What a treat for me to imagine you as I gaze out at frozen snow covered fields. So glad you're enjoying these retreats, ((((big smile))))