Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Base of it All ~Day Six~

It was a beautiful day today. The air crisp and cool, the snow a brilliant white, the air a comfy 22 degrees. Time to walk the dog.

I had skipped my meditation this morning, so why not make up for it with a mindful walk.

With each step, I imagined the rising sun shining a spot of glowing light beneath my feet. Every time my foot impacted the earth I "saw" this pool for a brief second. My stroll became a moving mantra.

Step, step, step. Until I felt as though the earth was rolling beneath me and I was the one standing still. Only my feet were moving, and in the movement, they spun the globe. This sensation was amazing, I really urge you to try it.

I basked in the glow of my solid spinning world for nearly an hour before I was home.

Ahhhhh. Retreat. Anytime, anywhere, even on top of the world.

Smiling me,

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