Friday, January 14, 2011

Walking Tall ~Day Five~

Have you been standing straighter this week?

I can't believe how many times I'm adjusting my posture; not realizing how often I'm slouching! I wonder if you've felt this too.

And I've been noticing the people around me. So many people walk through their day with "the weight of the world on their shoulders" head down, shoulders slumped, feet shuffling. Their body language shows me more than just poor posture, I see the spirit of the person.

I want to say, "Hold your head high and own your brilliance! Life is to be lived and embraced and we each have something special to give."

This is about self-love.

Be proud of your body and all you have lived through. Cherish your life. You are each a unique miracle in this world. How simple to claim this by owning your full height. What's that phrase? Keep your chin up? Funny, but to me it's about facing fear. It's about remaining positive in challenging moments because you trust yourself and your abilities. Standing tall. You trust your own wisdom.

Amazing what body language says to the world outside and within.

Always listening,

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