Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boogie Down ~Day Three~

My friends Sarah Seidelmann and Tami McCall are certified Martha Beck Life Coaches who co-host a weekly program on Talk Shoe called Squirrel! Radio.

Every Wednesday at 1:00 ET, the show explores the meaning behind animal totems, and how to use the insight and wisdom gained to better our lives. I highly recommend checking it out. Look for site info below.

Today on Squirrel! Radio we talked about the Buffalo; my chosen "Beastie of the Year". He will have special significance for me as the days of 2011 roll by.

Here is a sliver of Buffalo wisdom:

It is the totem of abundance. 
Do not push or force, but follow the easiest path.

Focus on abundance, express gratitude, and trust Spirit.  

In keeping with our weekly retreat, I typed "Buffalo" into Pandora, and got a list of artists and songs with that word in the title. I clicked on Donna The Buffalo, and it was a good choice. Here is a sampling of lyrics from her song Family Picture:

The world is a wondrous puzzle
everyone a piece and every piece fits
every piece is alive making energy
energy pulls the pieces together...

Every piece is a part of the whole
No one piece more important than the rest
So stand up, take a number
Every piece here's got someplace to go...

It all fits together in a family picture
and every wallO's got room for that.

To learn more about Squirrel! Radio, or Sarah and Tami's work as Life Coaches, check out the websites below.!/pages/Tami-McCall-Life-Coaching/141643572516194

Thanks for visiting! Keep your dancing shoes on.

Still hummin' a tune,

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  1. Woohoo Kim- I LOVE adding music to play with for this animal magic- what a brilliant idea!!! I am loveing crazy town- "Butterlfy" lately!!