Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding Five ~Day Two~

My word for today was  Joy!

  • I found joy on my wall. I have a beautiful plaque, shaped like a whimsical angel, that boasts words of wisdom. The first phrase to read under her tilted chin is...unleash more joy.
  • I found joy in my dog. Spunky little Teeka. Her quick steps beside me as we trotted through the snow just made me smile.
  • There will forever be joy in my daughter spontaneously holding my hand. She's 15. :)
  • I heard joy over the phone when talking to my new employer about how much she loves her job, and how welcoming she was to me. I can't wait till Monday!
  • I felt joy in extending love to an old friend I hadn't heard from in a long time.
Today was a joyful and joy-filled day.

((((((big smile)))))),



  1. Connection:

    Connection with water in savoring its sinuous fingers gently massaging my back in the shower.

    Connection with earth in feeling the ground as I walk mindfully.

    Connection with fire in allowing myself to sit with the burning sensation of pain in my body.

    Connection with air in feeling a gentle breeze brush my face.

    Connection with self, spirit, and others in enjoying Tama's group tonight.

    And this, all of this, is connection with life.

  2. Amen Laurie. You are a poet! I love it. :)