Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finding Five ~Day Three~

Monkey madness. Who knew living in northern Wisconsin I could come across images of, and references to, monkeys--five times over the course of a day. Here you go:

  • (Okay, maybe for this one I cheated a little bit.) I typed in Monkeys on Pandora and jammed out to The Monkees, The Beatles, Good Love, and many other mid-sixty tunes. I was thinking "monkey" the whole time. :)
  • Squirrel! Radio featured the monkey today. I learned how they represent ancient wisdom, and the light and dark side of the human psyche. Who knew?
  • Heard an ad for QuitPlan (a way to stop smoking) that refers to smoking as having a monkey on your back.
  • Sat with my son while watching Public Television. Guess what the show was about...Baboons.
  • Thought about "monkey hugs" as I kissed my teenage children good night. They used to wrap their little legs around me with arms around my neck. Wow, how I miss that.
So there you have it! See you tomorrow for another grand adventure into finding five. Always remember--what you focus on grows, so see the good stuff.


p.s. Here's a link to Squirrel! Radio
Check it out at 1:00 ET every Wednesday with Sarah and Tami. Absolute blast. You'll learn so much you never thought you could know about animal totems and the power they can have in your life.

1 comment:

  1. Day 3 - Delight

    Delight in finding a bumble bee dog toy that buzzes. "Liza and Zydeco are going to love this!"

    Delight in watching Liza and Zydie's ears perk up and their eyes grow larger when the bee buzzes. I can see where the noise might grow to be irritating, but so far, it makes me laugh every time.

    Delight in not receiving the diagnosis I thought I might receive. Delight and a big sigh of relief.

    Delight in watching the snow fall; there's a quiet magic about the night.

    Delight in hearing a train horn blowing - my daily reminder to get on board.

    I've just embarked on the the ride of my life. What can be more delightful than that?