Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finding Five ~Day Six~

Yesterday I chose "I am a writer" as my phrase for the day, and I had a day filled with researching articles, job opportunities online, editing a friend's work (I like editing), and filling a calendar with future writing projects.


I loved it. And I learned a lot.

Which reminds me of why I started this retreating every week to begin with. Not only are retreats renewing, relaxing, and self-nurturing, they are also revealing. By taking even a few minutes each day, setting the intention that those moments are special, a time just for you, you can connect with deep knowledge, and open doors of understanding that illuminate your life. Good stuff.

Today I'm focusing on ABUNDANCE.

To kick things off, I am abundantly grateful for all who participate in this blog, and every bit of love that flows from one reader to another. It's true that the Internet can foster connections with people we'd otherwise never know. Technology can be a beautiful thing.

Peace and blessings,


  1. Technology CAN be a beautiful thing! Great post, Kim. I am grateful for you and your amazing insights! xo

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  3. Thank you Tami!! So glad you've joined me here. I am so grateful for you and all the inspiration you've given me over the past year. xo

  4. Offering - Day 6

    Today's overcast skies: offering a lesson about the abiding presence of Buddha nature, our basic goodness. Unseen, the sun continues to radiate behind a blanket of clouds.

    Today's fatigue: offering my body an invitation to rest.

    Today's news: offering an opportunity to connect with other people, other experiences, other parts of the world.

    Today's clamorous garbage trucks: offering an awareness that many people are working to make my life better.

    Today's dance song selection: offering a few minutes for my heart to dance, even on a day when the rest of me doesn't feel like cooperating.

    If I open myself to receiving the gift, every moment is an offering.