Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boogie Down ~Day Seven~

I've been singing and dancing all week!

Ellen Degeneres has the right idea. Ever seen her show? She boogies with her audience every day, and in many ways it's the highlight worth looking forward to. I hope this week has helped you bring music into your life more often, and shown you how it alone can transport you into retreat--wherever you are.

Something to think about...

     Next time you're in the grocery store, listen for the music. There's usually background music playing; piano, violin, some call it "elevator music". The next time you hear it, think of the musicians, the composer, the sound guy who recorded it all. Each one of them is an artist in their field. They have come together to make music so our shopping time can be more pleasurable.

     Send them all a quiet blessing with a smile. Maybe be brave enough to sway a bit in the canned vegetable aisle. It'll make your weekly errands that much brighter. I promise.

The sun has gone to bed and so must I,

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