Monday, December 20, 2010

~Rainbow Ritual~ Day Seven

Yesterday was the end of week one, and in a few moments I will be sharing this week's retreat with you. But before we say one final blessing of thanks for Rainbow Ritual, I have one last thought...

A very good friend of mine practised this meditation with a twist. She placed a picture in front of her knowing she would see it when she opened her eyes. This photo was of an area in her life that had held many challenges as of late. I hadn't thought of this. But consciously setting the stage this way can be very powerful, and what a loving thing to do. Remember...

We are grounded in the earth, connected to each other, breathing life every day, are soothed by our beating hearts, speaking our truth, seeing it in our mind's eye, and able to set our blessings free!

Look out world.


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