Monday, December 27, 2010

Week Three ~Reflect and Project~

Too often New Year's resolutions are commands to ourselves with harsh overtones.

"This year I'm going to lose weight!"
"I'm going to quit smoking once and for all!"
"I'm going to pay off all my debts if I have to live on Ramen noodles to do it!"

We seldom accomplish these things. It's because our true selves rebel against the inner dictating authority who chooses them. Let's do something more productive, and a lot more fun this year.

I call it Reflect and Project.

For this week's retreat, take five minutes each day and think of three things you accomplished in 2010 that made you smile. Three things that, if you took them a bit farther in 2011 they would make you beam.

Example: If in 2010 you started drinking more water and less pop in order to lose weight, yet you never lost a pound, that's okay. Imagine in your mind what would happen if you added twenty minutes of walking a few times a week to the H2O. In other words, reflect on the past year's positive changes and project them into the next year, adding more good stuff along the way.

As with any retreat time, take these moments for yourself. Find a quiet place and time. Even the supermarket check out line is fair game. Remember, retreat is a state of mind, and a little vacation just for you. Give it a whirl.

Reflecting, rejoicing, renewing every day,

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