Thursday, December 16, 2010

~Rainbow Ritual~ Day Four

Bless the bookshelf! Bless the books!

To be reminded of our retreat this week, just scroll down to ~Rainbow Ritual~ and read through the steps. Feel free to share your experiences here.

My word of intention was "knowledge", and my gaze fell to the edge of my bookshelf. At first I just focused on the wood, and how pretty it was, and how much work my husband put into making it for me. Then it dawned on me. What holds more knowledge than a bookshelf? I scanned the titles and saw the portrait of a woman searching for the answers, loving life, and honoring the brilliance of the world's best writers.

There is Byron Katie, Martha Beck, Tom Rath, Bill Bryson, Margeret Mitchell, and William Shakespeare. I see Mitch Album, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Frank Warren. The children's books; Ping, They Were Strong and Good, and Bridge to America nestled next to books about birds, insects, and wild flowers.

There is infinite knowledge out there. Staggering really when you think about it. Doesn't mean we can't chip away at it's edges and take home some souveniers. I'm up for it. How about you?

With loving thoughts,

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