Saturday, December 18, 2010

~Rainbow Ritual~ Day Six

Do you see that little smudge just to the right of the title Retreat With Me?

Today I sat in front of my computer with only a few minutes for myself. I closed my eyes, walked through the steps, and spoke the word WISH. I'm not sure where that came from. It held no meaning when I said it, just curiosity. Then I opened my eyes to bless what I saw, and my eyes fell on that little smudge.

So you see it? It looks a bit like a star. And what are we supposed to do when we see a star? Make a wish!

My wish is for all of you to feel for one whole moment how wonderful you are; how much you have to share with the world, and how much the world needs you. Know how valuable you are. Know that the world would not be the same without you, and that you have control over how you live in this world. You have the say. Please choose to see your brilliance.

Twinkling, blinding, like a star.



  1. I made a wish. Thank you for encouraging me to take that moment.

  2. What a gorgeous blog!!! Kim- congratulations for manifesting this:) So excited that the world is going to be seeing more of YOU here!! Beautiful post! Sarah

  3. Thank you for visiting Susanne and Sarah! I'm so glad you're here, and that you like what you see. I'm having a ball. :)