Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflect and Project ~Day Four~ Martha Beck Style

Martha Beck--life coach, author, all around amazing woman--is a regular contributor to O Magazine.

She's been called Oprah's life coach. In an article written for the latest addition of O, she offers a way to set goals for 2011 by choosing three magic words (adjectives) that describe those goals, and incorporating them into as many activities and passions you can think of in the coming year. If you'd like to read the article (and I recommend you do) click the link below.

I did this exercise with my three projections for 2011 and came up with:

Strong, Capable and Care-free.

Strong--for my triathlons. This one is obvious. :)

Capable--for my diet and eating plan. Sticking to that plan will also make me thinner, but the real feeling I'm after is one of being capable of taking care of myself, holding my head high, and taking the actions I know will create a healthier me.

Care-free--for my job search, because having my own rewarding source of income gives me freedom and choices. Opens up the world for me. Financial worries fade away, and I see myself smiling.

I urge you to pick your own three adjectives to correspond to your three projections. This is fun, and has the ability to transform your life.

Spreading wonder, magic, and joy,

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