Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reflect and Project ~Day Two~

I walked away from a house full of sleeping teenagers (Christmas break sleepover), and took my retreat time running out in the fresh air. Ahhhh. That felt good. I'm so excited to share what I discovered...

#1   Reflecting on 2010 reminded me that I ran a triathlon in September (no small task). So why not look ahead to another one in 2011. Maybe two.

#2   I also remembered how I had worked with a nutritionist, cleaned up my diet, and lost nearly twenty pounds. I had to check in with her once a week, which kept me on track, and I learned exactly how to eat to feel and look my best. Since ending that relationship, I've slipped. No worries. I'm going to take what I learned and apply it next year. I'll find a friend for accountability, and get back on the road to healthy living.

#3   Lastly, 2010 was the year I met two incredible women, became their assistant at a job I loved, and though it ended too soon, it showed me what's possible. It whet my appetite for work that truly rewards and thrills me, and I'm going to look ahead to 2011 with a new resolve. I know the work I am meant to do is out there for me. I will discover it. My life holds tremendous promise and blessings, because that's what I'm looking for, and that's what I'll find.

Thanks for sharing this time with me. I hope this week you will find your own positive reflections that can lead you into your best year yet.

Imagine that,


  1. Kim, I am right down the road!! I will be your friend for accountability. I so need it too. All that hard work I did last year to drop twenty failed. It's back! Hate the way I feel, especially after taking the kids rock climbing yesterday. I felt like I had a 50lb bag of dogfood hanging on me! Call me! ~Carolyn

  2. Hi Carolyn! You bet I'll call you, because there's no better way to do this than with someone else. :)