Friday, March 11, 2011

Cantus ~Day Five~

One of the things I love about this blog, is that I start with a retreat idea, send it out, take part in it myself so I can report back to all of you, and as the days tick by something amazing happens...

...a new, more engaging experience comes my way. The activity I had planned morphs into something meaningful without my even trying.

This week we have Cantus. A most extraordinary women's choral group from Norway.

Listening to Cantus has reminded me that there is a whole world of creative expression out there, and by stepping out the door to savor it we reap its rewards.

Tonight, although I have no one to go with me, I'm seeing a local production of Hamlet. For a couple of hours I will be on retreat while bathed in the Baird's words.

Who knows what's around the next corner. Life's a jolly mystery.

Curtain up!

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