Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walking Toward Chakra 2 ~Day Three~

Walking with my dog today.

Fields over my shoulder.

I wanted you to come along.

 Around the bend and things got muddy. I soaked in the visuals and imagined a masterpiece. The sound of my squishy steps sounded "painty" to me. So many colors in this wet grey road. I really saw them. A thousand shades of silver and brown, chestnut and tan, even blue and rocks of charcoal and white.

Look at the puddle below!

My senses engaged as I honored the energy of chakra two.

I started with sight. There was so much to take in. Movement, sway, shimmer, and spent snow. Intricate branches laced across the sky. Pine green against scaly bark.

I heard my sloshing steps and I listened. The world around me was a symphony. Layer upon layer of sound. Wind, Chick-a-dees, distant cars, a train, a braying donkey, my rhythmic walking, the click of the leash, breath.

Smell and taste soon followed. Spring is close, wet, musky and sweet. I felt the muscles in my legs working. I felt the heat in my body and the chill on my ears. I felt my gloved fingers, and the slight tug from little Teeka.

Almost home.

I walked two miles today. I walked with heightened senses and I feel renewed. Gotta say, I'm loving chakra two! Let me know what this week's retreat is doing for you.

From the bottom of my grateful heart, thanks for joining me,

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