Monday, March 7, 2011

Week Thirteen ~Cantus~

Last week my Mom told me she would love to spend some time with me. It had been ages since we had any time just the two of us. She mentioned a one-of-a-kind concert she had heard about through church taking place later in the week.

"It's a choral group from Norway and they will all be wearing Bunads!"

See, part of my ancestry is Norwegian, and I love to sew. Bunads are the national costume of Norway and they are exquisitely beautiful. Each region has its own, and each Bunad is uniquely embroidered with swirls and florals much like rose malling.


Since my Mom and I also both love to sing, this event sounded perfect. We had no idea we were in for such a treat.

The women sang in what sounded like twelve part harmony. Their voices soared to the rafters of the old Norway Hall in Duluth, MN. Their faces sparkled with a palpable love for the music. My Mom and I sat in the front row, holding back tears, and loving our time together.

Needless to say I bought a CD, which leads me to this week's retreat:

Find a way to get ahold of some Cantus.
(here's a link to their web site)
Now play it every day on your way to work. The melodies will stay with you, as they did with me, and will transport you to magic land just by remembering the ride in.

Don't believe me? Have a listen.

Retreat with CANTUS. Ahhhhh.

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