Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week Fifteen ~Spring...or accepting what is~

Retreat Time:

Four times a year I will retreat with the changing seasons by sitting quietly outside, soaking in the rotation of the earth and knowing that I am perched on something vast, immense, and perfect. Join me for quiet reflection out of doors. Feel the ground and just be. 

This week we welcome the first days of spring.

Many cultures see springtime as the realm of new beginnings. There is a freshness to everything come spring. Possibilities are open wide; the road is sun drenched and bathed in birdsong. We expect the air to be perfumed with new life. We expect the sun to warm our skin. We expect green, and blue, and happiness.

That is unless a blizzard warning is headed our way.

 In a few hours the winds will gust and the snow will fall and the power might go out for me,
and it is spring.

Life is like that. We often get what we don't expect.

Peace is possible when we let go of our expectations.

I challenge you this week, as you sit outside, to dwell in acceptance. Pick an area in your life where the winds howl, where you feel restless, irritable or discontent, and shift your view to one of peace, serenity, and deep contentment. Find even the smallest thing to be thankful for. For me, it may just be a warm house to retreat to! Breathe into that blessing. We all have storms that come our way, and they are rich with lessons. How can we appreciate the ease in our lives if we have no struggle with which to compare it? Welcome your blizzard with open arms for what it can teach you and I will do the same--literally.  (((smile)))

Accepting spring as I don my snowsuit,

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