Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week Twelve ~Dazzling, Boisterous Permission~

Hello friends.

I try every week to post a new retreat by Monday morning, and here it is Tuesday. My schedule was such that yesterday Retreat With Me took a back seat to a jumbled up day.

This week's retreat seems appropriate.

It's about giving yourself a free pass, a get-out-of-jail-free card, a written note from home as to why you're missing in action. For a few minutes, or hours if you can swing it, every day, let yourself off the hook. Breathe, dance, sing, stretch, remember why you're here--to share your unique, wonderful, and magically dazzling self with the world. Here's what I want you do to:

Find a blank index card, and in big letters write:       Free Pass

Then decorate the heck out of it until it makes you giggle with delight. The sight of your creation should give you a boost.

Now put it in your pocket, purse, briefcase, satchel, you get the idea, and take it out occasionally to follow its lead. Let yourself go. Give yourself permission to disengage from what pulls you down, or sends you off course, and reallign with your true self.  

Believe me, I understand having responsibilities in life can be draining, and distracting. It's human to sometimes feel discouraged and down and want to play hooky once in awhile. This blog is about taking back those moments and claiming them as your own. Today's suggestion will give you a physical reminder that you are the boss of your own happiness, every minute of every day. It's up to you.

(Note to self--take your own advice Kim)

Watch for a picture of my Free Pass, and let me know how you spend your hooky time.

Gotta go dig out my art supplies,


  1. Ooooo baby- I like this one- getting my free pass now!!! ~sarah

  2. This does have a Joy Junket "Go, Do, Be--You Have Permission" feel. If it weren't for you guys, I probably wouldn't have allowed myself to start this blog. Always to the Joy Junket masters of a life lived with purpose and fun, I give my thanks. :)