Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week Fourteen ~Walking Toward Chakra 2~


The second chakra is the creative energy center of the body.

Its color is orange.

It houses sensuality, creativity, and connectedness to all human beings.

Walking, or simply moving through space, however you are able to do it, is one of the best ways to activate the second chakra. Why? Because to align with chakra two we tap into our sensual self which is housed so beautifully in our bodies. All our senses are engaged through movement, and this week, I encourage you to


Retreat Time:

Make this a priority. Walk every day this week. And while you're out there, feel your feet touch the earth, hear your steps, your stride, the swish of arms swinging. Taste the air, the sky, smell all that's around you. See far into the distance, and the ground right beneath you.

If you're brave enough, and you've got a straight unobstructed path, close your eyes and go. Trust me, you will feel your body in a whole new way. When I did this today, it was as though I was without a body, I was purely floating in sensation.

Let me know how your daily walks go as you tap into the groove of chakra two.

See you on the path,

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