Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dazzling, Boisterous Permission ~Day Four~

I took a free pass from adulthood yesterday.

I work at a middle school. I decided to become a sixth grader while helping a student during Social Studies. I learned about the Industrial Revolution, the Spanish/America war, and the Roaring 20s. If only I could have raised my hand. I had so much to say.

Later, while walking the hallways I remembered the anxiety over missing assignments, the lack of attention from cute boys that was the end of my world. The really bad perm. The snubs from all the popular girls who had the coolest clutch purses and wore Gloria Vanderbilt perfume, and knew just what to say.

I have a new appreciation for the kids.

Since I became one yesterday.

Thanks to my Free Pass.

Here's to all the teachable moments,

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